BlueBird Aviation


It’s the policy of Bluebird Aviation to provide a punctual, reliable, high standard of service to its customers, and to operate and maintain its operations and aircrafts to the highest standards of safety and airworthiness.

Set safety and quality standards at or above the levels required by the Kenya civil aviation regulations, and/or international regulations. Recognize that compliance with procedures, quality standards, safety standards and regulations is the duty of all personnel.

Recognize safety and human factors as prime considerations in all decisions. Seek to ensure that safety and quality standards are not eroded by commercial drivers. Provide the working environment and incentives needed to attract, retain and develop skilled and committed staff capable of performing work to the highest safety and quality standards.

The company is in business to meet the air transport requirements of its customers and respond to their demands for quality, safety, reliability, economy and timeliness in all its activities.

To achieve the required level of customer satisfaction we must maintain the quality of our service by continues improvement.

The main elements of the company safety and quality policy are:-

  • Quality is defined by our customers, both internal and external, and we must satisfy their needs;
  • Problem prevention rather than continual correction best achieves quality assurance;

  • Each member of staff is responsible for safety performance in their respective areas;

  • Each member of staff contributes to, and affects, the quality of the final product;

  • Best practice requires continual improvement in processes;

  • Every employee has a right to expect good work from others and has an obligation to provide good workmanship in return.

Bluebird Aviation commits to provide the resource required to implement and maintain effective safety and quality management.